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About MCX

We're a web3 company focused on powering innovation for the Metaverse. We see the future of convergence between physical and digital realms and the experiences that connect communities. Our team is committed to this next evolution of the Internet and how technology enhances our digital and physical experiences.


Christopher Rowlison
CEO & Director

Enterprise Trained / Agency Entrepreneur. Principal in Wire Stone and sold to Accentur...

Gregg Budoi
CFO & Chair

Director of MCX Technologies since August 2018. Board of Directors of Klibrate Techno...

Susan Olson
Board Member

As the COO/CFO Susan provides leadership on firm finances, operations, growth, and bus...

Shone Anstey
Board Member

Shone Anstey is the CEO and Founder of LQwD FinTech Corp (TSXV: LQWD), the worl...